peHUB Second Opinion 09.21

Next to Be Fired: HP is considering ousting Leo Apotheker and bringing in Meg Whitman as CEO. And, HP is reconsidering its plans to spinoff its PC business.

More Apple Rumors: Al Gore confirms that the new iPhones (that’s plural) will be out in October.

Facebook’s Redesign: FB, last night, added some new features like a ticker and a news feed. Now I’m so confused.

Dan Frommer: MSFT needs a new business model for Windows 8 tablets.

Fundamental Human Resource: A survey finds that 18 to 30 years think the Internet is as important as food, water and air.

That Doubleclick Team: Hellman & Friedman has joined Silver Lake and Providence in bidding for Yahoo.

Not Up for Sale: UBS, which has had some majorly bad luck, won’t sell its IB division.

The Top 100: The world’s most valuable startups.

It’s the End of the World As We Know It: R.E.M calls its quits after 31 years.