peHUB Second Opinion 09.23

Coming Soon: Grapeshare, a social network for wine lovers.

Heads Up! Bus-sized NASA satellite will hit Earth late Friday or early Sunday.

See Ya: Leo Apotheker’s last memo to HP employees.

Denisovans? DNA shows that humans reached Asia in two waves.

Stealing: After a big funding round, the haters come out for Business Insider. And, Ryan McCarthy talks about BI’s mad grab for traffic.

Finally: Amazon is holding a press conference on Sept. 28. Is this the tablet launch?

FB Changes: Study finds that Facebook users hate the FB changes by a 5-1 ratio. And, here’s a Taiwanese cartoon about yesterday’s F8.

That’s Fast: Paul Carr, ex-TechCrunch columnist, is starting a company backed by Mike Arrington.

The Worst Board Ever? HP’s board fiasco continues, says Felix Salmon. And BreakingViews thinks Meg Whitman is an unjustifiable choice for HP.

There is No Try: The Yoda Pie Chart