peHUB Second Opinion 10.11

Thinking Small: How not to start a startup.

Send In Those Comments: Regulators finally unveil the “Volcker Rule” which outlines how banks should restructure their operations.

No More Gloria Vanderbilt: Jones Group is looking to sell its stagnating jeans division.

More Cuts: Wall Street could lose another 10,000 jobs.

Free At Last: Zynga unveils Project Z as it seeks its independence from Facebook. And, Zynga’s biggest problem.

Delayed: The trial re: Cerberus and Chatam’s attempt to back out of buying Innkeepers USA Trust is now set for tomorrow.

Lots of Livin’: Here’s an infographic that sets out what Steve Jobs did with his 56 years. And here’s why Jobs wore black turtlenecks.

Donating: Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo, has acute leukemia and here’s how you can help.

What’s the best restaurant in NYC?