peHUB Second Opinion 10.13

Bubble Popping? Why the VC Market is NOT cracking, from Don Reisinger. And, Jason Calacanis tells us why he has hit the pause on Angel investing.

Apocalypse Now: Richard Fluffytail, attorney of the so-called “Rally Squirrel,” wants the St. Louis Cardinals to cease and desist using Rally’s image.

Earnings: Google crushes Q3 estimates.

Not So Cool Anymore: The Gap is closing 34% of U.S. stores by end of 2013.

A Look Inside: Teardown takes apart the new iPhone 4S. And, Siri says the darndest things.

More Money: Occupy Wall Street has raised $200,000 but not from Soros. And, Buffett’s son backs the Wall Street protests.

Modest But Still Tight: Lynn Tilton toned it down at a trial to see if her firm wrongfully dismissed an exec.

Diversity Isn’t Important: Three big myths about women in tech.

And the Verdict Is…Raj Rajaratnam gets 11 years for insider trading and needs a kidney.