peHUB Second Opinion 10.15

Ever wish you were dating yourself?

Too big to sail? Vanity Fair takes us through the world of today’s super yachts.

Driven by the iPad, media tablet sales are on pace to reach nearly 20 million by year end, according to Gartner Group. 

The world richest man says of charity that it “doesn’t solve anything.”

UC Berkeley visiting scholar Vivek Wadhwa asks again (this time on CNBC): “Where are the women entrepreneurs?”

How about making mobile apps suck less offline; would that be possible?

Fortune highlights 10 “rising stars” who just missed inclusion in its top 40 young business leaders list.

The back story of how Steven Rattner became Mike Bloomberg’s money manager.

Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide Financial and housing crisis fame has finally settled with the SEC.