peHUB Second Opinion 10.18

Chiropractors? Nineteen jobs where you’re most likely to kill yourself.

iShocker: Apple misses earning estimates and shares tank.  But this amazing video shows the history of iPhone dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs.

Closing down: Wednesday is the Steve Jobs memorial and Apple stores are closing down for several hours.

More Groupon Hating: How did so many Wall Street firms miss the Groupon warning signs?

Sharepost vs. Second Market: One is regulated by the SEC, one apparently is not.

Thinnest Smartphone: Motorola unveils Droid RAZR. And RIM introduces new OS to challenge Apple, Google.

Saying No to Steve: The Inside story of tech’s hottest startup.

No Sesame Street: Kids under 2 years of age shouldn’t watch TV or video because it could delay their development.

Shocking #2: Yahoo actually makes money, even as it looks for a buyer.