peHUB Second Opinion 10.24

Last week, Blackstone Group cofounder Stephen Schwartzman’s keynote speech became the talk of Wall Street. Here’s that roast, in its entirety.

And here’s footage of the special celebration of Steve Jobs’ life that took place at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., campus last week.

MTV “embeds” in Zuccotti Park to film the “true life of an Occupier.”

Frank Rich on the “class war” now in progress.

WikiLeaks is going broke, according to cofounder Julian Assange.

George Soros’s hedge fund just bought a 5.6% stake in the online health site WebMD.

Netflix beat its third-quarter estimates, but its go-go subscriber growth has officially screeched to a halt.

Recession? What recession? Third-quarter profits for the construction equipment maker Caterpiller are up a whopping 44% over the same period last year.

Apax Partners sells Thomas the Tank Engine to Mattel for $680 million.

Workday, the six-year-old, software as a service company focused on human resources, just raised $85 million at a stunning $2 billion valuation.

An actress sues Amazon for revealing her age on its IMDb site. Whoops.

Feeling glum? Listen to this  in-flight marriage proposal, around the 2:30 minute mark. (Unless you’re glum because you’ve just split with someone, in which case, never mind!)