peHUB Second Opinion 11.16

A closer look at the man replacing Steve Jobs as the chairman of Apple.

Forbes releases a special report on the America’s largest private companies.

The paper company controlled by billionaire art magnate (and Stephanie Seymour husband) Pete Brant files for bankruptcy protection.

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot, if you’re a private equity firm.

Outrage of the month: Insider trading in Congress.

Where the Twitterati live.

Robert Scoble is officially sick and tired of seeing all of your lookalike companies.

New York City gets its very own entrepreneur-in-residence.

Dodd-Frank’s derivatives reforms are clear as mud, writes ProPublica.

Willem Buiter, Citigroup’s chief economist, tells Bloomberg Television that for Europe: “Time is running out fast.”

Internet giants place a full-page ad in the New York Times, to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).