peHUB Second Opinion 11.18

Andrew Cuomo files two lawsuits, seeking at least $26 million from Steve Rattner — and to ban him from the securities industry in New York, for life.

Quandrangle meanwhile sends its investors a letter that states its business with Cuomo is finished and that, by the way, Rattner is still “failing to take responsibility for his actions.”

For good measure, President Obama thanks two members of the White House’s former automotive task force for their part in GM’s turnaround. Rattner isn’t one of them.

Venture capitalist Peter Rip of Crosslink Capital has passed away. (Our sincerest condolences go out to his family.)

Will AOL join with PE firms to finally kill Yahoo and capitalize off its separate assets? Not today, says AOL head Tim Armstrong.

MySpace cries uncle, and hands its lunch money to Facebook.

Microsoft opens a new store in Bellevue, right after infusing it with nitrous oxide. (You’ll see. Fast forward to 2:30.)