peHUB Second Opinion 11.2

Have you exercised your franchise today? if you haven’t, get out there and vote.

Do positive people live longer?

A grim look at life for the folks who build our iPhones.

F.B.I. agents in Boston just arrested a French doctor, accusing him of tipping off a hedge fund manager about setbacks in a clinical drug trial.

The case against Bambi. (Yes, this story involves the phrase “big bucks.”)

Barton Biggs falls for the emerging market bubble.

Good news, confused advertisers. According to a new study, people are looking at your online ads, and they don’t hate them.

YouTube’s Chad Hurley didn’t just quit to do another Web startup. Interestingly — refreshingly? — he’s now developing a menswear label for affluent shoppers. Man purses, anyone?