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Koch Brothers
Koch Brothers

Going Retail: Google opens its first retail store in London.

Prebuttals: Flacks for the Koch brothers are trying to discredit a forthcoming Bloomberg story. And now we’re very very interested.

Up for sale? Kodak considers bankruptcy after getting interest for its patents. Shares plunge.

Taking a Loss: Amazon’s new tablet costs $209.63 to make but is selling for $199.

Rumors: iPhone 5 Silicone sleeves are arriving at AT&T retail stores.

Mystery Presser: Yahoo is holding a press conference Monday but it’s likely not about finding a buyer.

Rise of Zuckerverbs: Facebook is helping define a new language, for better or worse.

Changing Course: The SEC, which missed the Madoff scandal for years, now plans to punish stupidity.

Muffingate: The press blew up the $16 government muffin brouhaha (price was actually for a continental breakfast).

Video: Warren Buffett tells Bloomberg News that a tax on the ultra-rich could raise as much as $20 billion per year.