peHUB Second Opinion 12.9

Warren Buffett wants his son Howie to be his successor at Berkshire Hathaway (though he won’t be CEO).

The amazingly substance-free testimony of Jon Corzine.

How to get hired when you’re over 50.

Is Mike, the investment banker, a serial email stalker?

And what becomes of the “broker hearted?” Grim tales of dating financing pros.

New Twin Towers unveiled as world’s jaw hits floor.

For Research in Motion, it can only get worse, says analyst.

Greece’s economic restructuring is bringing about “many opportunities” for foreign investors, says optimistic Greek.

The misery caused by the Facebook feature that hides a bunch of your mail.

“Family Guy” writer Patrick Meighan gets arrested for participating in Occupy L.A., and offers his shocking account of what happened.

Michael Jordan hasn’t moved into his $12.4 million home yet, but already, his neighbors can’t stand him.