peHUB Second Opinion

Boomtown: Google’s attack on Bing has Larry Page written all over it.

Best PE Pay: Blackstone Group sets aside $810,717 in compensation per worker, up 29% from the 2009 level, according to FINS.

Totally Excited: Check out “Kung Fu Panda 2” Super Bowl commercial.

Waxy: Murdoch launches “The Daily” without a homepage so Baio did it for them.

Who Knew: Madoff trustee claims in lawsuit JPMorgan knew, or shoulda known, that Bernie Madoff was perpetrating a fraud.

Who’s Hiring: Google, which is looking to add people, got 75,000 applications last week.

Don’t call Him Jim: James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s CEO, will kill anyone who calls him anything but James.

Searching for Stephen Schwarzman: The Blackstone CEO moved to the City of Light earlier this week.

At Least $40 Mln: The Daily Show and the Colbert Report have returned to Hulu. But for how much?