peHUB Second Opinion

Probe: Remember the Toyota recall of last year? Most incidents of sudden acceleration are due to driver error, an investigation finds.

What Exactly Does UBS Pay: Swiss bank has sets aside more for overall compensation. FINS finds out how much they actually pay.

Van Hoegaerden: Startup America is a bad idea.

PE Is a Man’s World: According to a new study, women in private equity should like sports a lot and don’t even think about being a mom.

Economy: Supposedly we’re in a recovery but why aren’t employers hiring?

On the Hunt: Google is hiring in a big way but some wonder whether shareholders should be worried.

LinkedIn Effect: is hiring bankers to go public.

Gotcha: Insider trading probe snares 4 hedge fund execs for less than kosher trading of tech stocks (who were imbeciles in their knowledge of basic tech).

Not So Fast: Sara Lee may have announced plans to split up (and rejected three takeovers) but a sale may still go through.

007: Should spies hone their Twitter skills?

How to End Up Single: Top 10 Valentine Day’s gifts for under $35.