peHUB Second Opinion 6.10

British investors in BP are growing increasingly frustrated with the White House’s involvement and comments about the company’s efforts to clean up the oil spill. And they are “furious” over suggestions that BP not pay a dividend until it cleans up its mess. Way to endear yourself to Americans, British investors.

Apple’s Safari 5 browser allows users to strip out ads from Web pages, pissing off content creators that rely on ad revenue.

Emerging markets are going mainstream.

How you know when you’re really in love in 2010.

George Soros on “Act II” of the economic crisis.

The bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel says the U.S. government will have to wait a few more years to be made whole by AIG and might never be repaid in full.

In case you thought otherwise, most American employees shouldn’t count on a raise any time soon.

This is just cruel. Can’t someone stop this poor woman from singing about money or class or anything else ever again?