peHUB Second Opinion 6.8

The Private Equity Council warns that the proposed increase in taxes on carried interest profits could cost tens of thousands of jobs, cut the overall value of the nation’s commercial real estate, cause default rates on commercial mortgages to rise, and even, possibly, to incite a plague of locusts.

Newsweek’s Dan Lyons goes for the jugular (of Microsoft’s PR machine): “You Stay Classy, Redmond.”

Massive flow of bullsh_t continues to gush from BP’s headquarters, according to sources familiar with bullsh_t.

Speaking of BP, it’s buying up search terms like “oil spill” and “oil spill claims” via the sponsored links programs of Yahoo and Google. BP says it’s trying to disseminate useful information about its response efforts. Critics say it’s pushing out its version of events before anyone else.

Still speaking of BP: Who’s more hated at this point — Goldman Sachs or BP?


The iPad as a laptop replacement: Silicon Valley biz dev guru Charles Hudson tries it for a week and offers up his observations.

Are we at the beginning of the real market crash? Henry Blodget wants you to decide, right after you read his alarming article.

A distressed debt investor asks: where are all the good deals, dammit?