peHUB Second Opinion

Saying No: Apple approached Blackstone CFO Laurence Tosi to be their CFO but he rejected them.

Finally: Apple’s Mac app store is open for business and it lets you download apps using your iTunes account.

Breaking Up: Sara Lee will decide later this month whether to sell or break up the company.

FB News: Facebook will disclose financials or go public by April 2012. And, Goldman customer’s get Facebook financials.

No Longer: Tiger Woods won’t be writing that column for Golf Digest anymore.

Calling Them Out: Lloyd Blankfein’s secret Facebook feed.

Satisfying Careers: Predicting deaths, disaster and car crashes makes for a very good job, according to FINS.

CES Updates: Sony aims to be the world’s second largest maker of tablet devices by 2012.

Weighing In: Felix Salmon thinks the argument waged by the Winklevoss twins against Zuckerberg is “bonkers.”