peHUB Second Opinion

Charge It: Are girls afraid of money?

No More Crimson: The U.S. government is replacing its color-coded alerts for terrorism threats. As of April 26, a new system will provide specific info on terrorism threats.

Facebook Townhall: President Obama takes credit for getting Mark Zuckerberg to wear a tie and jacket.

Scandal Cooking: Olive Garden has lied. They don’t really have a Culinary Institute in Tuscany.

We Weren’t Worried: Apple Q2 results crush Wall Street expectations. So where is that white iPhone 4?

Under a Microscope: Trump’s finances won’t hold up under scrutiny.

Poor UBS: Short of paying people well, what can the Swiss bank do to get people to work for them?

Feel Watched? That’s cause you are. Apple not only tracks iPhone and iPad users ever move, but stores that info in a local file.