peHUB Second Opinion

Who Knew? LivingSocial customers are “richer, younger, and have received more formal education” than Groupon users.

No Verdict Yet: Traders are betting that there is a 90% chance Raj Rajaratnam will be found guilty of insider trading.

Mea Culpa: Amazon says its sorry for the cloud outage last week.

Tripping Scurvy: How long can you survive on just beer?

IPO: Renren boosts its IPO price range by 30%.

Why So Long to Tell? Congress sends a letter to Sony about the Playstation hacker attack. And, hackers claim to have Playstation user card data.

Neurotic, Paranoid: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes can’t stop calling the cops.

iTunes War: Amazon has cut the price to download music to 69 cents from $1.29.