peHUB Second Opinion 7.13

U.S. beer drinkers may be cutting back but other countries are buying the next round.

J.P. Morgan now says that losses from the London Whale are $5.8 billion.

Amazon’s push for same day deliver will destroy local retailers

This Russian hacker claims to have found a loophole in Apple’s app store that lets users make free in-app purchases.

This is not a good thing. Macy’s wins preliminary injunction against Martha Stewart.

Science explains why it hurts so much to get hit in the…balls.

Apple is contacting U.S. carriers and retailers and demanding they remove banned Samsung products

Does Google plan to shake up the world again with its Kansas City fiber project?

Who’s the mime? Here’s Dow Jones hilarious quiz on things you never knew about PE execs.

Roger McNamee, of Elevation Partners, says NASDAQ and Morgan Stanley’s conduct in Facebook IPO was “criminal.”

Sarah Palin thinks Condoleezza Rice would be a great VP for Romney

OMG, what will we do? JLo is leaving American Idol.