peHUB Second Opinion

What’s Going On? AOL loses another news exec and why the exodus is causing some to worry.

Busted: South Korean police raid Google’s local office for allegedly collecting private location data.

You Can Beat It: Theodore Forstmann, who co-founded Forstmann Little, has malignant brain cancer. We are sending you good vibes!

Savvis Sold: Which cloud companies are likely to go up for sale next?

Getting Crowded: World population to pass 7 billion by Oct. 31, UN says.

Bin Laden Aftermath: Doubters wonder why no pictures or video of the raid has been released. And, is it legal for the U.S. to release pictures of OBL? Also, Navy Seals remain secret heroes in their hometown.

Promotions: JP Morgan names 132 investment bankers to MD.

Youngest in History: Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is the NBA’s MVP.

Boob tube: For the first time in twenty years, the number of American households with a TV fell.