peHUB Second Opinion

Bin Laden: White House won’t release OBL pictures. But here are some images from the Abbottabad compound after the attack. And here’s the famous Obama situation room photo.

Just Because: What would Jack Bauer have thought of the Bin Laden raid?

Raj Rajaratnam Update: Juror gets sacked and deliberations begin anew.

Apple: There will be no iPhone 5 in June/July.

Renren Aftermath: Breakingviews says Goldman got their Facebook shares for a steal.

Rejection: Ralcorp rebuffs Conagra’s $4.9 bln offer.

Company Loyalty: How far would you go for your firm? Some employees get a tattoo of the company logo.

Deal? H&M denies rumors that it’s looking to takeover the Gap.

Einstein: Space probe proves that the theory of relativity was right after all.