peHUB Second Opinion

Painstaking and Meticulous: How Bin Laden emailed all these years without getting detected by the U.S. And, OBL was apparently a micro-manager.

You’re Hired: Bryce Lee, head of tech banking at Credit Suisse, has joined Silver Lake for a clean-tech fund.

Tomayto, Tomahto: Facebook admits hiring PR firm to pitch stories about Google’s privacy practices but says it wasn’t a smear campaign.

Chrome Wars: Sergey Brin says Microsoft Windows is “really torturing users.”

Puppet Regime: Guess who’s on Twitter? The Taliban and they aren’t funny.

Sweet Parting: AT&T has promised to give T-Mobile $6 bln in assets, services and cash if regulators reject their merger.

Scammed: Warning to those who shop at Michael’s. Thieves have tampered with stores credit card processing equipment.

Going Buggy: Wifi connection issues affecting the iPad have returned and have spread to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Horror Mom: Watch this pageant mother justify giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox.