peHUB Second Opinion 8.2 (Olympic Spoiler Alert)

Here’s Farmeron, the startup that’s moving farmers into the cloud.

Sharp Corp. will be shipping screens for Apple’s newest iPhone this month.

Facebook shares fall below $20. Do we care?

Gabby Douglas win the women’s gymnastics all-around at the Olympics.

This cancer patient tweeted Aetna’s CEO and got the insurer to cover “every last penny” of his medical expenses.

The New York Yankees Facebook page gets hacked and says some  interesting things about Derek Jeter.

Facebook estimates that 8.7%, or 83.09 million accounts, are fake.

Check out the drama of David Pogue, the New York Times reporter, losing and then recovering his iPhone. Is nothing sacred?

LinkedIn’s second quarter profit slides but revenue jumps.

Here are the Facebook insiders who dumped stock right before it crashed.

Uncertainty grows over fate of Bush era tax cuts

Photo of Gabby Douglas courtesy of REUTERS/Dylan Martinez