peHUB Second Opinion 8.23

Gawker publishes 950 pages of Bain documents, the Twittersphere explodes, then Fortune rains on its parade, calling them “worthless.”

Microsoft gives its logo a much-needed update.

Tumblr gets its Twitter friend-finding privileges revoked.

News Corp.’s digital chief Jon Miller is outie 5000.

What the “sound and fury” over Best Buy may signify.

Nasdaq is trying to make up losses to firms socked by Facebook’s market debut, but Wall Street thinks the plans stink.

Several PE firms submit bids for U.S. auto supplier Metaldyne, in a deal valued at roughly $850 million.

Facebook for iOS goes native.

Someone calls out San Francisco for its not-so-crunchy attributes, including its supposedly ubiquitous donut burgers. (If you have time, it’s a mostly funny piece.)

Donut burger image courtesy of the Food Network.