peHUB Second Opinion

Departing: Dick Ebersol has resigned from NBC Sports.

Video: South Park has fun with Schwarzenegger’s sex scandal.

Just Say No or Not: Would you take a dream job if there was peer pressure to do drugs? Many would.

No Deal: Big Lots, which was up for sale, pulls the auction after not getting high enough bids.

No Merci: Former IMF head was indicted today on two criminal sex acts, attempted rape and sexual abuse. And, DSK’s bail was set at $1 million.

Preposterous: What Jim  Cramer thinks about the LinkedIn IPO, from Dealbreaker. And, LinkedIn’s bankers underestimated the hype.

More Popular: now sells more Kindle books than print books.

Women 2.0: The false choice between babies and startups.

Just for Fun: Friskies introduces an iPad game for your cat.