peHUB Second Opinion 9.16

Groupon may be raking in the cash, but sometimes to the severe detriment of its small business clients. (Readers might recall that I pointed this out a while ago.)

How do we do it? The ranks of U.S. millionaires has swelled by 8 percent over the 12 months ended in June.

Felix Salmon on how the blogosphere can move markets.

Lisa Falcone: Entrepeneurial Wall Street wife. (Rich stuff, pun intended.)

Lordy,  is it possible that the carried interest tax change has now been resuscitated more times than Jason in “Halloween”?

SEC chief Mary Schapiro argued today that to maintain a “robust examination program” into financial firms, the public can’t be allowed to see every detail of the S.E.C.’s policing process.

Details about Google’s grand plans to make its existing products more social begin to emerge. Kind of.

Former Twitter developer Alex Payne spills his guts out about his former employer.