peHUB Second Opinion 9.21

Remember all those Mark Zuckerberg IMs published by Business Insider earlier this year? Oh, they’ve received more — many more — and they shed far more light on the earliest days of Facebook.

Really, S.E.C.? You don’t have many more important matters than reviving your now-ancient case against Mark Cuban?

Steve Jobs’ least favorite college student rightly shames him on “Good Morning America.”‘

Twitter COO Dick Costolo was way too nice to his realtors, and the poor guy is paying for it now.

It’s been a busy year for defense dealmakers, and it’s looking like it’ll stay that way.

Intel has been on a buying binge; has it gobbled up too much, too fast?

BHP threatens to walk away if rival bids for Potash — which has scoffed at BHP’s $39 million offer — go much higher.