peHUB Second Opinion

Implosion: RIM shares dive after slashing profit forecasts. And, everything that went wrong with RIM, according to an ex-employee.

Going Public: Oaktree beats Carlyle and files for an IPO that could raise $100 mln. Carlyle, meanwhile, has picked JP Morgan, Citi and Credit Suisse for its IPO.

Internet Security Is a Joke: LulzSec gives the world their manifesto.

Deathly Hollows: Harry Potter will be ending soon. Here’s the top 10 HR spoofs.

Not Apple or Google: You’ll be surprised what companies made the list of the top 20 toughest firms to interview at.

Blowing Up: Here’s a quick guide to the Greek credit crisis. And, why a Greek default won’t ever be priced in, from Felix Salmon.

Sale: Frank McCourt and his wife settle a divorce dispute but the fate of the Dodgers is unclear.

Layoffs: Barclays, Morgan, Credit Suisse and UBS plan cuts. And bonuses may be compromised.

Bubble Bust: Pandora shares come back down to earth.

True or Not: That couple kissing while Vancouver riots? It’s apparently true and their names are revealed.