Pienso snags $2.1 mln seed

Brooklyn, New York-based Pienso, a machine learning platform for non-programmers, has secured $2.1 million in seed funding. Eniac Ventures led the round with participation from SoftTech VC, Indicator Ventures and E14 Fund.


Brooklyn, New York – November 6,– Pienso, the leading machine learning platform for non-programmers, today announces the close of a $2.1 million seed round. Led by Eniac Ventures, with participation from SoftTech VC, Indicator Ventures, and E14 Fund, Pienso is focused on democratizing machine learning for domain experts who are non-programmers with no technical or data scientist experience. The funding allows the company to scale operations.

“Investment by large enterprises in machine learning is rapidly accelerating as corporations spin up massive data lakes to garner insights into their business. However, it is costly, challenging to integrate and before now required data scientists on staff,” said Vic Singh, general partner at Eniac. “We led Pienso’s seed round because we believe Birago and Karthik have built an elegant solution that puts the power of machine learning and data science into the hands of domain experts who know their own requirements. We are excited to partner with Birago and Karthik in this exciting phase of their business.”

The machine learning process is difficult to view and hard to manipulate, and for non-programmers, there are few methods for interacting with the ML system, data and its results in a time-efficient manner. Pienso’s machine learning platform takes unstructured and structured text data and allows subject matter experts the ability to train algorithms directly; no programming or technical skill required. A proprietary technique, using a user interface to create a Lens, allows subject matter experts the ability to interact directly with the algorithms to impart their knowledge. This unique approach provides a higher level of efficiency, transparency, and accuracy. Complex statistical and probabilistic graphical models including deep learning are also available on the core platform.

“To make artificial intelligence more valuable, human expertise is needed in training the algorithm. In many cases researchers, analysts, and other knowledge workers do not have a computer science or advanced statistical background, so they rely on someone else to input their knowledge – unfortunately, often the nuance, context, and details get lost in that process,” said Birago Jones, CEO, and co-founder, Pienso. “We created Pienso to allow the experts to train the algorithm and interact with their data.”

About Pienso
Founded in 2016 by Birago Jones, CEO and Karthik Dinakar PH.D, CTO. Pienso is headquartered in the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s New Lab in Brooklyn, New York. For more information visit: http://pienso.com/ and follow @Pienso_ML.