Pierre Omidyar’s Next Venture?

Not quite sure what to make of this yet, but I’ve found a regulatory filing for a company that lists eBay founder Pierre Omidyar as an executive. I’d heard rumors that he was engaged in a new venture, and this may well be it.

The company is called Peer News Inc., but is operating as Ginx. There is very little publicly-available information but, from what I can tell, Ginx looks a lot like Twitter. There’s sure to be some big differences, and maybe one of the trial users can fill us in…

In addition to Omidyar, the company’s management roster includes Randy Ching, a longtime eBay executive who most recently was general manager of global classifieds. The board includes Mike Mohr, a senior advisor to Omidyar Network (which is listed as an investor). According to the filing, Peer News has raised around $2 million.

A message left on the cellphone of an Omidyar Network spokeswoman was not returned.

UPDATE: The company has issued a press release confirming Omidyar and Ching’s involvement, and describes itself as “a Twitter client that aims to provide Twitter users with a rich experience for sharing and discussing links.”