Poll Results: iPhone Goes Up For Sale But 67.2% Say They’re Not Buying It

The iPhone 4S, as expected, is a hot seller.

Today, people across the world lined up to buy the latest installment from Apple. The iPhone 4S went up for sale at 8 a.m. after setting pre-order records.

The release is the first since Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, passed away last week. In New York, fans created a memorial to jobs that included apples, flowers and photos, according to CNN (I was touched when some said that 4S stands for “for Steve”). Steve Wozniak, Apple’s other co-founder, was first in line in Los Gatos, Calif., news reports said.

Despite this hoopla, we want to know: Who’s going to buy the iPhone 4S?

Nearly 54% of voters, surprisingly, said they were NOT going to buy the new iPhone. But another 46.2% said they were getting it.

Of those that were buying, more than two-thirds, or 67.2%, said they had pre-ordered the iPhone 4S. But nearly 33% said they were going to stand in line at their local Apple store.