Poll Results: Near 34% Think VC Fundraising Will Continue To Suck

Our most recent survey generated some varied responses.

Yesterday, we asked you if VC fundraising will continue to suck for the rest of the year. We posed this question after data for the first half of 2011 revealed some disappointing numbers.

According to the NVCA, 76 funds raised $10.2 billion from January to June. This compares to 90 funds that collected roughly $6.1 billion during the same time period of 2010. While more dollars were raised, the number of funds out getting money dropped by 15%. This marked the lowest number of funds garnering commitments since the first half of 1995, according to the NVCA.

We asked you if this trend would continue this year. Nearly 34% agreed that fewer funds would raise more money. Another 26.2% believe that fewer funds will raise less money. One group is more positive; 21.5% of you think that more funds will raise more money. However, the naysayers, or 9.2%, think more funds will raise less money. The same amount of readers, 9.2%, think there will be no change in fundraising.