Post Venture Capital Index pulls back slightly

After five consecutive months of steady gains, the Thomson Reuters’ Post Venture Capital Index (PVCI) lost 1.8 percent to end February at 1238.44. That was a drop of 22.7 points from the month before when the PVCI stood at 1261.14 on Jan. 31.

Despite falling month-over-month, the February-ending total is 38.35 points, or 3 percent, above the start of the year.

At the end of February, the PVCI was comprised of 318 companies. Of the stocks tracked, 129 advanced in value in the month while 189 declined.

The number of companies in the index rises and falls, depending on new issues or as the companies fold or are acquired. Also, companies remain in the PVCI for only 10 years.

The index is calculated daily and does not take into account dividends.

The PVCI began in January 1986 with an initialized index value of 100.

Download Data: PVCI as of Feb 28, 2018

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