Q1 Venture Capital Investment Tally Is Terrible

First quarter Moneytree figures aren’t being released until this weekend, but here’s a sneak peak of what our headline will read: Oh, The Horror.

According to preliminary data viewed by peHUB (via the VentureXpert database), U.S. venture capitalists disbursed fewer dollars in Q1 2009 than in any other quarter since at least 2003. It might actually be a bit worse than that, but I’m building in a few hundred million dollars worth of last-minute data entry. If the numbers were to remain completely static (which they won’t), then you’d have to reach all the way back to 1997. 

VentureSource — the VC data shop owned by Dow Jones — is showing something similar. More specifics and analysis when the numbers become official, but I figured you’d want to know that it’s gonna be ugly. Real ugly.