Reed Returns to CRV, Wither Lowenstein in Boston?

Attorney Sarah Reed has rejoined Charles River Ventures, seventeen months after leaving to open a Boston office for venture/tech law firm Lowenstein Sandler, peHUB has learned.

No word yet on Reed’s new title at CRV, which does not yet list her on its revamped website (one which finally includes a distinction between active partners and partners “emeritus”). She had been the firm’s general counsel but, as of last check, that role had been filled by former Monster Worldwide lawyer Lisa Bonner Haines. [Update: CRV spokeswoman says Reed will be general counsel, and that Haines as moved on to parts unknown]

Also unclear is what this move means for Lowenstein Sandler in Boston. The firm no longer has any practicing attorneys in the city, and a source tells us that the 1 Bowdoin Square office will be shuttered. I put the question to a firm spokesman, who said that the firm was “assessing the strategic direction” of its Boston effort.