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Regeneration.VC gathers $45m for inaugural climate tech fund

The fund's limited partners include North American and European family offices, foundations and institutional investors.

Regeneration.VC has closed its debut climate tech fund at $45 million. The fund’s limited partners include North American and European family offices, foundations and institutional investors.


LOS ANGELES, CA, Mar. 28, 2022 — Today, newly-launched, early-stage venture capital fund, Regeneration.VC announced the final close of its $45M inaugural fund to supercharge consumer-powered climate innovation. Participating Limited Partners include North American and European family offices, foundations and institutional investors.

Over 90% of materials end up in landfills or natural ecosystems, and the consumer supply chain accounts for 45% of global emissions. Reimagining apparel, food, and CPG presents a $4.5T opportunity to ensure the prosperity of our species and planet. In support of this mission, Regeneration.VC invests in three core themes: design (packaging and materials), use (products and brands), and reuse (reverse logistics and marketplaces).

This is the first fund of General Partners Dan Fishman and Michael Smith. Fishman is a longtime brand builder (House of Harlow with Nicole Richie, L’Agence, and Coolhaus – acquired by Perfect Day) turned investor. After touring as a global DJ, Smith founded and operated media & real estate businesses (The Playlist Generation & Creative Space) before establishing Ponvalley, a climate-focused family office.

“Sustainability continues to attract a spotlight,” said Regeneration.VC Strategic Advisor and Limited Partner, Leonardo DiCaprio. “We need forward-thinking approaches that perform measurably better for our planet. It’s time for people to feel good about their purchases and for businesses to meet that challenge – every bite of food, every t-shirt, every product counts. I am excited to help Regeneration.VC supercharge these solutions and begin to reverse the climate emergency.”

“My goal is a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world – with clean air, soil, water and power – economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed,” said Strategic Advisor and Circular Economy Pioneer, William McDonough. “Regeneration.VC is supporting Cradle to Cradle-inspired commerce to enhance the Circular Technosphere, where materials return to supply chains, and the Regenerative Biosphere, where materials can safely return to living ecosystems.”

In addition to Strategic Advisors, the Advisory Board includes Bonobos founder Andy Dunn, Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, recent Mars Chairman Stephen Badger, and UN Environmental Ambassador Petra Nemcova, among others.

The current portfolio features cutting-edge thinking around upcycled carbon, next-gen materials, and circular commerce. CleanO2 sequesters and repurposes commercial building emissions into carbon-captured products. VitroLabs leverages cell cultured technology to design animal husbandry out of leather supply chains. Cruz Foam transforms aquaculture processing waste streams into a certified compostable polystyrene alternative. Arrive provides rental- and resale-as-a-service (‘RaaS’) to global retailers and brands. Pangaia champions materials science innovation through a global lifestyle and apparel brand.

Regeneration.VC Limited Partners include a global group of institutional investors (Tribe Capital/Pay It Forward, Commenda EU, ImpactAssets, SDG Impact Fund), family offices & foundations (Cameron Holdings, For Good Ventures, Passport Foundation, MFI Foundation), founders & culture (Bill Peck/Twist Biosciences, Courtney Nichols Gould & Gordon Gould/SmartyPants, Jennifer Meyer/Designer, Martin Gore/Musician, Mike Bryan/Athlete).

“Our portfolio companies are tackling the greatest challenge humanity faces: the climate emergency,” said Smith. “Leaving behind the linear economy for a circular and regenerative paradigm is no longer a choice.”

“Our vision is to empower all consumers in the fight to reclaim our planet. To be successful we all have to do our part,” Fishman concluded.

About Regeneration.VC
Founded in Los Angeles, Regeneration.VC is an early-stage venture fund supercharging consumer-powered climate innovation driven by circular and regenerative principles. Our investment strategy encompasses design (materials & packaging), use (consumer brands & products), and reuse technologies (reverse logistics & marketplaces) that generate measurable environmental impact alongside outsized return potential.