Remembering Eugene –

“He was a very quiet kind of guy, and always a gentleman. He wanted to listen to what was said rather than being the guy who led the conversation.” Paul Wythes
Founder, Sutter Hill Ventures
“He was almost courtly in demeanor. He was a very decent, honorable person, and he was soft spoken. I never heard him raise his voice.”
Pitch Johnson
Founding Partner, Asset Management Co.

“Eugene was one of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever known. … Even though he was reserved and soft spoken, there was a steel backbone to him. He wanted to do well in the worst way.”
Arthur Rock
Founder, Arthur Rock & Co.

“He brought core Jewish values to our industry, of dealing with people honorably and fairly. It was a tremendous gift to those of us who were younger to have Eugene as a role model.”
Neill Brownstein
Retired Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

“He was a star. Warm hearted, intelligent and prescient. Gene was a leader in developing the silicon of Silicon Valley and in demonstrating the highest quality of service provided by the venture capital industry in the early days. I was lucky to have been one of his many friends.”
Bill Draper
Co-Founder, Draper Richards

“There’s a class of venture capitalists – Eugene Kleiner, Pitch Johnson and Burt McMurtry among them – that represent many of the ideal attributes of what a true venture capitalist should be. They are deeply insightful from a product marketing standpoint, are outstanding board members, and they have always been passionate about the very specific role of what a hands-on venture capital investor and board member should be.”
Jim Breyer
Managing Partner, Accel Partners

“Eugene practically pioneered the venture business. More importantly, he did it in a way that made Kleiner Perkins a long-term leader in the space.”
Vinold Khosla
General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers