Sacca Isn’t Whiteboard Girl Funny, But He’s Close

Today’s Internet buzz has been about a woman who quit her job via whiteboard, and stuck it to her boss in the process (I hope @glennf is wrong about her being a fake — UPDATEHe was right). In more provincial news, angel investor Chris Sacca has posted perhaps the best new job posting I’ve ever seen.

It’s for an intern at Lowercase Capital, the “institutional” fund that Sacca recently launched. As he explains:

So, it turns out that managing a portfolio of thirty-nine companies, a couple of secondary vehicles, and two private equity fund partnerships is time-consuming. Who knew?

Well, all of us who have questioned the “single-partner with giant portfolio” fund model, but that’s not the point of this post. Instead, it’s simply to repost gems like:

By this point, your copy of Excel should have a Pavlovian desire to please you, and of course, you have a pet name for it. You have considered if and how spreadsheet macros could solve the climate crisis and you have already begun coding them. You’ve gotten to second base with HTML and PHP, even better if at the same time (you animal). Your business-y friends tease you for being a geek, but your money-allergic nerd friends bust your chops for being a greedy sellout and they write open source rallying cries on your forehead when you pass out. You have considered whether there is a mass market for Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, Ron Conway, Brad Feld, Josh Kopelman and Dave McClure trading cards, and even if you decided there isn’t, you printed yours anyway.

Read the rest (or apply) by going here