Seattle University May Up Alternatives –

SEATTLE – Seattle University is considering increasing its alternative asset allocation to as much as 15% from its current level of 5%, said Denis Ransmeier, the endowment’s vice president of finance.

Mr. Ransmeier said the $115 million endowment already has made investments in a number of venture capital funds and a hedge fund, but he favors expanding this asset class. He said the board of trustees, to whom he reports, is fairly conservative and will require further “hand-holding” until a change is made.

Mr. Ransmeier will make new recommendations to the board in about six months, he said.

The endowment will consider investing in buyouts, but Mr. Ransmeier added that the size of Seattle University’s endowment lends itself better to buyout funds-of-funds than to the funds themselves. “For a school of our size, that may be the way to go.”