Sequoia Capital Gets Rock Star Treatment In India, Too

What makes Sequoia India tick? If you’re interested in the answer, it so happens that the question is explored in a newly published, nearly 3,000-word article in Outlook Business magazine (“India’s business magazine for decision-makers”).

Though at times overly glowing, the feature offers many interesting data points. For example, it says that in the last 22 months, Sequoia has invested in 10 start-up firms from its third, $300 million, India-focused fund, making it the most active investor in the country.

Perhaps more interestingly, the piece says that of the India-focused venture firms that launched alongside Sequoia India in 2000, Sequoia is the last man standing; the rest have either gone out of business or else ditched early-stage VC to invest in more mature private companies or publicly traded companies, via PIPE deals. (Sequoia India, like Sequoia Capital, is investing in both early-stage and growth-stage and in every stage in between.)

Altogether, 38-year-old HBS classmates K.P. Balaraj and Sumir Chadha, who launched the firm and now run it with 10 other, mostly junior, investment professionals, have invested almost $400 million in 49 startups so far, which the magazine says is 15 percent of all investments made in India since 2004. A good number of those have already provided successful exits for the firm, too, according to the article, which estimates that Sequoia India has seen profitable outcomes from seven of the 18 investments made from its first $135 million fund alone.

To learn more about Chadha, Balaraj, and which portfolio companies have apparently been propelling Sequoia to its familiar position at the top of the heap, click here.