Sexual wellness app Lover nabs $5 mn seed

San Francisco-based Lover, a sexual wellness app, has secured $5 million in seed funding.

San Francisco-based Lover, a sexual wellness app, has secured $5 million in seed funding. Lerer Hippeau led the round.


San Francisco – Feb 13, 2020: The founders of sexual wellness app, Lover, today announce both the app’s official launch and a $5M seed round led by Lerer Hippeau. Additional investors include Sean Rad, co-founder and former CEO of Tinder – as well as Manta Ray Ventures; Global Founders Capital, led by Germany’s Oliver Samwer; Fabrice Grinda, French entrepreneur and super angel; and Jose Marin, Spanish co-founder of FJ Labs and IG Expansion.

The San Francisco-based startup aims to take the taboo out of sexual wellness and stand out from competitors by providing practical, science-based tools and strategies to improve our sex lives – all customized to each user’s own sexual personality or type.
“We want to do for sexual health what apps like Calm and Headspace have done for mental health – empower users, start a new conversation and move the subject into the mainstream,” says Jas Bagnieswki, Lover’s co-founder and CEO.

Lover’s founding team of three includes Dr Britney Blair, Lover’s Chief Science Officer, a Stanford psychologist, board-certified in sexual medicine, and founder of The Clinic, Northern California’s largest independent sexual health clinic; CEO Jas Bagniewski and CMO Nick Pendle, British entrepreneurs whose last startup, Eve Sleep PLC, had one of the UK’s fastest ever IPOs.

Lover offers a wealth of personalized, science-based content designed to help users with their sexual concerns, enhance their pleasure and improve their skills in bed. Its tagline is, “Let’s have better sex.”

The app provides expert guidance in the form of video and audio content, alongside both mental and physical exercises designed to optimize sexual wellness. It also features games and a unique new sexual profiler tool, which are based on the work of leading scientists in the field.

“As other areas of wellbeing, like mental health, shake off their stigma and enter the mainstream, we believe that sexual wellness is a natural extension of the conversation,” says Ben Lerer, Lerer Hippeau’s Managing Partner. “Lover is addressing a concern for a large part of the population through science-based content, tips and exercises.”

Similar to the famous Meyers Briggs test that indicates your general personality type, the “Sexual Profile” tool reveals your sexual personality type. It was developed by Dr Blair and a team of six sexual medicine experts – and based on decades of scientific research.
The tool identifies users as one of a 12 common types – ranging from “The Jaguar” (“Cautious but Curious”) to “The Loyalist” (or “Serial Monogamist”), “The Muse” (“the Pleasure Receiver”) and “The Sentimentalist” (“Connection first, Sex Second”). Using the tool to identify your sexual personality in turn enables Lover to offer a more personalized experience, customized to your own sexual type – AND that of your sexual partner.
Specific content packs tackle issues ranging from “Climaxing Consistently” to “Getting Hard, Made Easy”, “Lasting Longer in Bed”, “Driving Up Desire” and “Freshening Things Up”.

“People are hungry for better guidance on their sex lives, using knowledge based on the latest scientific research”, says Bagniewski. “That data show that sex therapy interventions are highly effective. But most people consider them inaccessible, due either to the cost, access [there are only 900 board-certified sex therapists across the entire US] or embarrassment. That’s why we created Lover.”

Adds Dr Blair: “I’ve seen again and again with my patients the way that basic information and practical strategies can transform people’s lives. Lover offers the chance to take this impact out of the doctor’s office, to transform the lives of millions.”
Lover uses a freemium model, with a basic version free to download but a premium subscription costing $59.99/year or $9.99/month. It is available on iOS, with Android to follow this year.

Lover is a personalized, science-based app for addressing your sexual concerns, increasing your pleasure and improving your skills in bed. It offers audio and video content, plus practical exercises, games and sexual profiles, all designed to improve your sex life and based on the work of leading scientists in the field of sexual medicine.

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