Slideshow: Top Performing VC-backed Chinese IPOs

[slide title=”No. 10 Camelot Info, +49%”]

Camelot Information Systems Inc.
IPO Price: $11.00
Price on 3.29.11: $16.35
% Change: 49%
Ticker:  CIS
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: Citi Venture Capital International
Description: Provides enterprise application services & financial industry Information Technology (IT) services.

[slide title=”No. 9: iSoftStone, +54%”]

iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co. Ltd.
IPO Price: $13.00
Price on 3.29.11: $19.98
% Change: 54%
Ticker:  ISS
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: AsiaVest Partners, China Everbright Investment Management Ltd., Fidelity Growth Partners Asia, Infotech Pacific Ventures, Mitsui & Co. Global Investment Inc.
Description: Provides business and Information Technology (IT) consulting services.

[slide title=”No. 8: SKY-MOBI, +55%”]

IPO Price: $8.00
Price on 3.29.11: $12.40
% Change: 55%
Ticker:  MOBI
Exchange: Nasdaq
VC Backers: Sequoia Capital
Description: Develops applications for mobile phones.

[slide title=”No. 7: RDA Micro, +65%”]

RDA Microelectronics (Shanghai) Inc.
IPO Price: $9.00
Price on 3.29.11: $14.84
% Change: 65%
Ticker:  RDA
Exchange: Nasdaq
VC Backers: Warburg Pincus, IDG-Accel China Growth Fund
Description: The Company designs and develops IC products and solutions applied in the wireless communication, consumer electronics, and other kinds of systems.

[slide title=”No. 6: Kanghui Medical, +69%”]

Kanghui Medical Innovation Co. Ltd.
IPO Price: $10.25
Price on 3.29.11: $17.30
% Change: 69%
Ticker:  KH
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: CDH China Management Co. Ltd., IDG Capital Partners, SIG Asia Investments, Venture TDF Pte Ltd., Vivo Ventures
Description: Develops orthopedic products. The Company is focused on the development of trauma, spine, and joint implants and instruments.

[slide title=”No. 5: Beijing Blue, +81%”]

Beijing Blue I.T. Technologies Co. Ltd.
IPO Price: $11.00
Price on 3.29.11: $19.90
% Change: 81%
Ticker: CCIH
Exchange: Nasdaq
VC Backers: Ignition Partners, Intel Capital, Investor Growth Capital, JAFCO Investment, Qiming Venture Partners, Susquehanna Growth Equity
Description: Provides content delivery network (CDN) services in China.

[slide title=”No. 4: hiSoft, +84%”]

hiSoft Technology International Ltd.
IPO Price: $10.00
Price on 3.29.11: $18.42
% Change: 84%
Ticker:  HSFT
Exchange: Nasdaq
VC Backers: Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet Ventures, GGV Capital, Intel Capital, International Finance Corp., JAFCO Investment
Description: Provides Information Technology (IT) software and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

[slide title=”No. 3: Qihoo 360, +134%”]

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
IPO Price: $14.50
Price on 3.29.11: $34.00
% Change: 134%
Ticker:  QIHU
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: Highland Capital Partners, Matrix Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Trust Bridge Partners, Undisclosed Firm
Description: Provides Internet and mobile security products.

[slide title=”No. 2: JinkoSolar, +142% “]

JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd.
IPO Price: $11.00
Price on 3.29.11: $26.66
% Change: 142%
Ticker: JKS
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: CIVC Partners, Hupomone Capital Partners Pte Ltd., Pitango Venture Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group Co. Ltd.
Description: Manufactures mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline silicon wafers, used for the manufacturing of photovoltaic solar cells and panels.

[slide title=”No. 1:, +300%”]
IPO Price: $12.80
Price on 3.29.11: $51.26
% Change: 300%
Ticker:  YOKU
Exchange: NYSE
VC Backers: Chengwei Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures
Description: Operates as an online video sharing and distribution platform.


Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. hit the cover off the ball in its market debut yesterday on NYSE.

The VC-backed Chinese Internet company priced at $14.50 and soared more than 130% to $34 by the close of the day. As impressive as that was, Qihoo is not the top performing VC-backed Chinese IPO since the start of 2010, according to Thomson Reuters (publisher of this blog).

See our slideshow to find out who’s No. 1, and where Qihoo ranks in the top 10.

Some other interesting data points that came from my research in the ThomsonOne database:

•    A total of 24 VC-backed Chinese companies went public on U.S. exchanges last year.

•    The average company priced at $11.12 per American Depository Share and was trading for $15.71 yesterday, a gain of 41 percent.

•    The median offering price for a VC-backed Chinese IPO last year was $10.88 per ADS and the median closing price yesterday was $14.97, for a gain of 38 percent.

•    Fifteen of the 24 companies are trading higher than their IPO price, two are flat and seven are trading lower than their offering price.

•    Three VC-backed Chinese companies have gone public on U.S. exchanges this year: BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. and Zuoan Fashion Ltd.

•    Of this year’s three VC-backed Chinese IPOs, two are trading below their IPO prices (BCD was down 10% yesterday and Zuoan was off by 4 %).