SoGeo Raises €1 Million

SoGeo, an Amsterdam-based provider of a context aware platform for mobile and Web, has raised €1 million in funding led by BlueBubbleLab.


SoGeo, provider of a context aware platform for mobile and web, today announced that it has secured EUR1M in funding. BlueBubbleLab is the investor group securing this round of funding for SoGeo.

SoGeo is currently developing a location aware information sharing platform and API with social and community features, including a suite of mobile and web apps that interface with it. SoGeo is targeting businesses providing them with a platform they can use to engage with their customers.

SoGeo’s product allows users to explore places around them through their mobile. Users can access location and event related content and receive suggestions based on contextual factors, such as their own location, time, likes and dislikes. New places or spots can be created by users, adding them to the overall personal suggestion engine.

With this funding, SoGeo will continue to improve its product and introduce it to the market. The recently implemented marker based Augmented Reality, which enhances outdoor experiences by making online information available on smartphones through marker recognition is one of the new and innovative functionalities which will be further developed.

“We are excited about the value that SoGeo is creating. By bringing the real and online world together through one platform, a whole new world of audience engagement becomes possible. Businesses will be able to strengthen existing audience relations but also reach completely new segments,” commented Ben van Dongen, partner and co-founder of BlueBubbleLab.

Pieter Saman, Managing Director SoGeo added, “We are working on making this product beneficial to consumers and to content owners at the same time. Content should be available to consumers through mobile in a relevant way and it must be interesting for content owners to be present through such a product. This funding ensures that we continue to develop this product and make it available to businesses and consumers alike.”

Notes to Editors:

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About BlueBubbleLab

BlueBubbleLab ( has created a value proposition with investments in Dutch digital media. Focus lies on wired & mobile services with existing business, products and/or services, existing revenue lines and a strong management team in need of growth capital.

BlueBubbleLab will typically invest in companies with services available in the market, a large international growth potential and revenues up to 5 million Euro.

About SoGeo

SoGeo ( provides a context aware infrastructure for mobile and web, enabling businesses to create innovative and relevant communities around their brands, products and services. The SoGeo infrastructure allows businesses to increase brand value, to reach new audiences and to access new revenue channels.