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Space investments decline in 2018 to nearly $3 bln

Global investment in space-related startups added up to nearly $3 billion in 2018, a decline from a year earlier, according to Space Angels.

The investment firm said investors put $2.97 billion into 175 rounds last year, with early-stage rounds making up nearly three quarters of the deal count, or 126 transactions. Early-stage deals attracted a far smaller 23 percent of total capital, or $690 million.

The year’s largest deals were a pair of rounds for SpaceX, which brought the rocket-launch company $773 million.

During the year, 114 venture funds made their first investments in the sector, including Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Playground Global. Launch and satellite companies attracted about 94 percent of the capital in 2018, Space Angels found.

Space Angels said it expects the small launch market will continue to grow and mature in the year ahead.

Annual investments in space-related startups. Source: Space Angels.

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