Sunday Dealsourcing

I was unable to scour regulatory filings while in San Francisco last week, because my laptop doesn’t play nice with the relevant server. I’m still not quite caught up, but so far have blurbed on a dozen unannounced VC deals. Click on the company name for more info:

* 3Jam, developer of a “reply-all” text messaging service.

* BillShrink, a provider of online data to consumers for the selection of certain consumer services.

* BuddyTV, an online provider of television-related content.

* Cast Iron Systems, a maker of application integration hardware devices (go here).

* Cooliris, developer of an online viewing technology that lets users see preview web links and rich media before clicking.

* Convey Computer, maker of application to improve performance of microprocessor servers.

* Insight Direct, provider of software for the field service industry.

* myShape, an online apparel retailer.

* Qlusters, a provider of open-source systems management solutions for software provisioning and managing virtual environments

* Sierra Solar, developer of thin-film photovoltaics.

* SignalDemand, of pricing and profitability management solutions for commodity and food manufacturers.

* SoloPower, developer of thin-film photovoltaics.