SuperAnnotate nets $14.5m Series A

SuperAnnotate, an application development platform for computer vision products, has raised $14.5 million in Series A funding.

SuperAnnotate, an application development platform for computer vision products, has raised $14.5 million in Series A funding. Base10 Partners led the round with participation from other investors that included Point Nine Capital, Runa Capital, Fathom Capital, Plug and Play Ventures, Berkeley SkyDeck Fund and Seaside Startup Holding.


San Francisco Bay Area, July 12, 2021: SuperAnnotate, the end-to-end application development platform for computer vision (CV) products, has raised $14.5M in its Series A round of funding. The round was led by Base10 Partners, with participation from Seed investors Point Nine Capital, Runa Capital and Fathom Capital. Previous investors Plug and Play Ventures, Berkeley SkyDeck Fund and Seaside Startup Holding, as well as new individual investors also contributed.

SuperAnnotate is also backed by some of the most prominent figures in the ML/CV space including UC Berkeley Professors Trevor Darrell and Pieter Abbeel, as well as Gary Bradski, the founder of OpenCV – the largest open source CV library. SuperAnnotate is also the official CV platform partner of OpenCV.

Computer Vision is spreading to each and every industry – from Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, and Security to less obvious ones like Medical imaging, Retail, Insurance, and Agriculture – to name a few. Soon, every industry will be using computer vision. Yet, over 80% of computer vision projects fail and ultimately don’t end up in production. This is predominantly due to substantial challenges in creating and managing tens of thousands to millions of high quality labeled visual data. More importantly, monitoring, improving, and versioning such large scale data driven model performances becomes a huge bottleneck.

Only the data preparation and labeling has already created a $3.8B market in 2020 that is expected to double in the next 4 years. It is almost equally split between software solutions and third-party annotation services where the visual data part represents over half of it.
SuperAnnotate is addressing those problems with the first of its kind end-to-end application development platform for computer vision. The company’s platform includes all the critical components linked together to enable companies from startups to enterprises to successfully build, test and push CV products into production 3-5x faster. It starts with an annotation platform streamlining workflows between CV engineers, managers and labeling teams. It extends to an integrated marketplace of professionally managed service teams to match companies with the best annotation teams for their project. SuperAnnotate also enables its users to create custom models with No-Code Neural Network training and automation systems. Using the platform’s data query and review system, CV engineers can monitor and improve models at scale before ultimately pushing them into production.

Compared to competitors like Labelbox and Scale that develop broader ML annotation solutions with various data types like image, text, lidar, audio, etc, SuperAnnotate is fully focused on building a fully fledged end-to-end platform for computer vision specifically. “Dealing with only visual data enables us to build all the essential components for successful completion of CV projects”, said SuperAnnotate’s CTO Vahan Petrosyan. “And that success lies in successfully linking each of these components together, within the same platform.”

“We are just entering a new era of computer vision where a very large number of companies, from startups to larger enterprises, that are not necessarily ML first, are starting to develop their first CV applications”, said Tigran Petrosyan, the CEO of SuperAnnotate. “To be amongst the successful 20% of CV projects, companies need the right tooling and infrastructure to make their CV application development much easier and faster. This is what SuperAnnotate is about, helping any company to build computer vision”.

“We’ve integrated our entire CV pipeline into SuperAnnotate and it has brought us tremendous value. SuperAnnotate has led to higher-quality annotated data and has significantly streamlined our annotation process,” said Vighnesh Lall, the director of Data Science at Rubicon. “Our CTO and internal teams use SuperAnnotate’s digital asset management platform to streamline our digital content”.

“Base10 is excited and grateful to have a front row seat as SuperAnnotate expands and takes hold as the leader in next-gen computer vision products,” said TJ Nahigian, Managing Partner at Base10 Partners.

About SuperAnnotate
SuperAnnotate is an end-to-end platform and integrated marketplace of managed annotation service teams to build the next generation of computer vision products. It provides comprehensive annotation tooling, robust collaboration and quality management systems, NoCode Neural Network training and automation, as well as a data review and curation system to successfully develop and scale computer vision applications. Companies like Capella Space, Rubicon, Anderson Merchandisers, and Percepto use SuperAnnotate to build higher quality training datasets up to 10x faster while significantly improving model performance. SuperAnnotate was recognized as one of the world’s top 100 AI companies in 2021 by CB Insights.