Taboola Raises $4.5 Million

Taboola, an Israel-based developer of video recommendation solutions, has raised $4.5 million in second-round funding. Evergreen Venture Partners led the deal, and was joined by individual angels from Israel and the U.S.



Taboola, developer of the first video recommendation solution, announces a $4.5 million second round of funding led by Evergreen Venture Partners. In this round of funding, Evergreen was joined by a group of strategic Israeli & American angel investors.


Taboola provides a personalized video recommendation solution which addresses the differences between searching for textual information on a search engine and discovering interesting and relevant video.


Taboola was founded by a team that were leaders in Israel‘s National Security Agency (I-NSA) and the country’s intelligence corp, and are graduates of the “Talpiot” academic program and the elite “Mamram” army computer science program. Founder Adam Singolda serves as the company’s CEO.


Taboola’s proprietary hybrid solution combines contextual analysis algorithms with collaborative filtering and data mining technologies. The company’s technology dynamically analyzes all the videos on a publisher’s website and studies the way viewers behave while they view these videos. Based on this information analysis, Taboola automatically offers a personalized video list that predicts the best subsequent videos to watch, thereby effectively simplifying the video discovery process.


Taboola is currently being used by several top-tier video publishers and aggregators, with Taboola’s publishers experiencing a:



    — 30-42% increase in the percent of viewers who watched an entire video

    — 25-35% increase in the number of video views

    — 15% increase in distinct videos viewed (video inventory reinvigoration)



“Since launching Taboola’s ViDiscovery video recommendation solution on a few months ago, we have experienced a 27% increase in videos viewed,” said Tim Carter, the leading DIY building authority on the Internet at “Looking more closely at the entire video viewing patterns on, I can see that Taboola was responsible for 32% of the video views for more than half of my video catalog, which indicates the importance of a video recommendation solution for video reinvigoration — broadening of the pool of the videos viewed beyond the most popular titles,” added Carter.


For more about Taboola’s solution for publishers, please click here:


“Today, the challenge for video publishers is (1) finding the right video to serve that will engage the user, and (2) figuring out how to monetize video viewing,” said Erez Shachar, General Partner, Evergreen Venture Partners. Taboola is offering a video recommendation solution with a proven record of increasing all video viewing metrics.”


“With a strong team and a focused vision — we hope to provide more video publishers and advertisers with our technology, and to reach more viewers with relevant, engaging and personalized video recommendations, tailored to each user’s current interests,” said Adam Singolda, Taboola CEO and founder. “We’re positive that Evergreen will continue to contribute to Taboola’s success.”


About Evergreen


Evergreen Venture Partners was established in 1987 as one of Israel‘s first venture capital firms. Evergreen invests in early-stage Israeli and Israel-related companies in the following fields: software, Internet & media, communications and healthcare. Evergreen’s $650 million of venture capital funds under management represents one of the largest portfolios in Israel with investments in 110 technology start-ups. Evergreen has exited successfully 35 portfolio companies through IPOs and acquisitions. Some of these companies include Traiana, Colbar, Identify, BigBand, P-Cube, Actona, Backweb, Exalink, Radvision and Radware. The current portfolio includes some very promising companies such as: e-Glue, Amimon, Press-sense, Varonis, Transpharma, Flash Networks, Exanet and more. Evergreen is currently investing from its fifth generation fund, Evergreen V, a $200M fund, which was recently closed. For more information, please visit


About Taboola


Taboola is the provider of the first Personalized Video Recommendation Solution which guarantees a more satisfying video discovery experience. The company’s patent-pending technology seamlessly analyzes professional and user- generated video content, and anonymously studies the viewing patterns and behavior of millions of viewers. Taboola then offers a recommendation solution with a personalized video list that suggests the best subsequent videos to watch, effectively simplifying their video discovery process. For publishers, Taboola’s recommendation solution enhances the users’ experience, increases time spent on their site, boosts loyalty and drives profitability. Marketers are able to have their ads served according to viewers’ personalized preferences and interests in a brand-safe environment. Taboola is a privately held company founded in 2007. For more information please visit