That’s All Folks…

After more than 3,000 posts (and more than 2,000 daily email blasts), this is my final item for peHUB. 

As you might imagine, leaving this brand behind was a very difficult decision. Inertia is a powerful magnet. So too was the thought of going solo, rather than marrying another corporate overlord. But I honestly feel that this is the right decision for me, and my gut is right 50.1% of the time.

You, dear readers, are the best part of my job (no matter my employer), so I hope we can stay in touch. My email address going forward is Or you can follow me on Twitter @danprimack. Don’t worry, this site will soldier on.

Finally, I owe lots of debts of gratitude for enabling me to have this extraordinary platform. But there are a few people, in particular, I’d like to thank:

  • Adam Reinebach: Thanks for originally hiring me, even though it’s unlikely that I could have told you the difference between debt and equity (true story: I had previously worked on a political campaign for a multi-millionaire – so Adam figured I wouldn’t be intimidated by big biz folks). And thanks for keeping me aboard when I moved back to Boston. You were right, I found a way to occupy my time.
  • Jim Beecher: Thanks for being a helpful boss for the past three years, for encouraging peHUB and for putting out more than a few corporate fires (when it comes to office politics, I’m not exactly “go along to get along”).
  • Matthew Burkley: Thanks for believing in, and funding, I had spent more than a year getting little more than eye-rolls in response to my proposal (largely because the word “blog” kept creeping into conversation). All it ultimately took was a 15-minute coffee klatch, which ended with you saying: “How much do you need to launch… [my reply]… Ok, done.”
  • Erin Griffith: I hope you’re reading this in Bogota or wherever else your South American bus voyage has led you. Thanks for going above and beyond every single day. Whenever you return to the workforce, you can count on a very enthusiastic recommendation.
  • Connie Loizos: Thanks for sharing a common editorial philosophy for a long, long time now (and for not murdering me when I gave notice). And for being a friend. I will always look forward to what you write next.
  • Tim Ray/Brian Piccolo: Tim is the techie behind peHUB wire emails, while Brian designed and maintains this site. Thanks for always being available (even at odd hours), and for giving me the peace of mind that comes with knowing others have my back.

It’s been a pleasure…