Third Quarter’s Gloomy Headlines Aside, Venture Investing Shows Long Term Stability: Slideshow

The headlines following this month’s third quarter MoneyTree Report on venture investing pointed to a quarterly pullback amid a volatile financial environment.

But closer inspection shows a more stable investment landscape than might be expected. True, the high level numbers look abrupt: a 12% drop in money allocated and a 14% decline in deals.

But the retreat comes off a particularly strong second quarter. Longer term, investment results in a number of industry segments remain fairly steady. On top of that, software deal making surged.

In the following slideshow, peHUB examined the quarter’s performance from a number of angles. Here are several observations:

1)    Quarterly deal flow was consistent with many of the past six quarters;
2)    Seed and early stage dollars continue to suggest a steady, long-term rise;
3)    The general up-drift in later stage investing remains in place;
4)    Internet deal making shows a continued long-term increase;
5)    Software investing follows a multi-quarter expansion with first-round investment activity suggesting it will continue;
6)    Biotech investing was for the most part steady;
7)    And cleantech investing reflects significant fluctuation quarter to quarter.

What follows is the slideshow amplifying these points.


[slide title=”Quarterly Deal Flow Is Stable”]

[slide title=”Seed And Early Stage Dollars Show Longer Term Rise”]

[slide title=”Later Stage Investment Up Drift Remains”]

[slide title=”Internet Investing Trend Line Increasing”]

[slide title=”Software Investing On The Rise”]

[slide title=”First Round Deal Making Favors Software”]

[slide title=”Biotech Investing Is Steady”]

[slide title=”Cleantech Investing Fluctuates”]